UBLeds Porfile
2002 Jul.
Ultra-Bright Leds Co., LTD. Established. 
UBLeds, First white color LED patent filed.
2003 Feb. The first released PLCC SMD side view white LED in Taiwan.
2004 May High CRI led DAW218 released.
2005 Aug. High CRI white light structure patent field.
2006 Nov. UBLeds Co., LTD. established.
2007 Oct. UBLeds Co., LTD. merged Ultra-Bright Leds Co., LTD.
2008 Sep. High power 5050 0.6W-1.5W led released.
2009 May High power 6W-10W MCPCB and ceramic type led released.
2010 Mar. World No.1--Functional led (IC embedded led) announced in Light+Building Frankfurt 2010.
High voltage 5-50V led released.
2012 May Patented high voltage IC LED.
2015   UBLeds "Portable Digital LED Display Screen Module" Innovative Products Award at TILS 2015.
2016 DC 12V/24V Sectional Control FPCB Light Strip Patent Listed.
Completion in UL and New Patent approved in U.S.A.