Why UBLeds
- DycoLED

DycoLED is UBLeds co., Ltd. exclusive product name in international, with Taiwan, Japan, Germany, China and the United States patent. DycoLED is the functional LED which integrate driver IC into the LED package. From the concept of polycrystalline package, the single LED component become into a sub-system. With a simple circuit and PCB design, customers can easily apply. Because of each DycoLED can be controlled, it’s also suitable for LED display.

Currently DycoLED series products are flexible stripe, light board, magic cube and flexible screen, including waterproof solution. Flexible screen sizes 20cm × 50cm and 40cm × 50cm, the screen can be enlarged to tens of meters. Easy to set up and disassembly and reduce manpower requirements. It is suitable for indoor musical events and the building indoor to outdoor advertising. Some customers are also use DycoLED to design parking lot, carwash, elevators, even in cotton material, clothing.

- DycoLED flexible stripe

From IC built-in package of LED, the product looks simple, high reliability, color temperature consistency and application easier. DycoLED flexible stripe are targeting high-end market of the domestic, commercial, stage, advertising light boxes and other markets.
Using the patent of the IC built-in LED, we developed a series of single-point controlled flexible stripes and single-point-cut flexible stripes, and more in recent years developed a high voltage 12V / 24V series-control module patent, allows users to have great design flexibility and the possibility of changing the point, line type of light. 12V / 24V high voltage series-control module allow linear light to double the length of use. Products of indirect lighting, decorative lighting, industrial lighting and outdoor lighting are progress to the dynamic backlighting of advertising light boxes and other applications.
Dycol flexible stripe features

  1.  Point-control and series-control mode separated from the general group-control stripes.
  2. Point-control mode to control the white (W), RGB light stripes. DycoLED stripes can be used in 5/12/24V but general stripes in the market can only be driven with 5V. There are only the LED components on PCB compare with general 12/24V stripes are only group-control and IC-external drive.
  3. DycoLED stripes can be 2 cm-cut each but the general stripes are cut by 3-6LED per 10-20 cm.
  4. Waterproof flexible stripes are using silicone. It’s environmentally friendly material, resistant to UV, no odor, non-yellowing, long life, low light attenuation, stable performance, excellent water repellency properties.

DycoLED stripe is used in advertising light boxes, linear lights, special lighting and other markets. Using point/line-edited backlight can do RGB full color, white, monochromatic, brightness, partial block lighting on. It can make the picture present lively, more stereoscopic, and also applicable in high-end industrial markets.

- Flexible screen

Innovative "flexible screen" is the third-generation which is known as the world's lightest indoor display. The display density of pixels is up to pitch 10mm, and the characteristics are light, thin, portable, flexible, light-semi-transmission, high reliability, low installation costs, low maintenance costs, can DIY. It is now the only solution of the indoor to outdoor LED display. “Flexible screen” can be combined to a very large area, used as a concert, the building inside to outside ads and other types of applications.

"Flexible screen" has its own systems and the established market direction. Packaging IC and LED together, single LED is no longer just a component of it, becomes a sub-system. Comprising driver IC, therefore, the entire PCB does not have any other components that become very clean, very simple. Because of flexible screen can be controlled at each point, so can be used for display.
The controller of flexible screen has four output ports, two ports for signal control and two ports for power control. It is very simple so the stripes can be made very small, very clean, very light, portable and foldable. Flexible screen can be made high density and the image quality is quite meticulous. Now there is existing pitch 10mm, pitch 20mm and other specifications. Because it is possible to splice a very large area, it can be installed above the second floor. It's light-semi-transmission so not only can allow light to enter the indoor and outdoor but also will not affect the advertising effectiveness of the flexible screen.
"Flexible screen" another feature is thin and light, therefore, it is very easy to set up and disassemble easily. It is only required with very little manpower, suitable to mobile concerts with the use of stage businesses.

- DynaLED

DynaLED is high CRI product, but also another main product of UBLeds. Although now more than CRI 90 is very common in the current LED market, however, UBLeds have been developed high CRI LED which package blue with red light and has three invention patents and a utility model patent in early 2004. Only UBLeds has related patents, covering Taiwan, Japan, Germany, the United States and China.

DynaLED is chosen for the position of lighting market, there are series of single components and light source module solutions; the most special feature is the whole light source module provides CRI 96 full-spectrum solutions. According to customer demand, we can produce different color temperature. DynaLED is widely used in the plant factory, agriculture, livestock farm, aquarium, photography, museums, galleries, medical and other fields, the market demand is strong.

- DynaLED flexible stripe

There is patented DynaLED series of single components and light source module solutions, make high CRI lighting for our main market. The whole light source module provides color rendering full spectrum of solutions to 96 for medical, photography, aquarium, plant factory, signs , logos, advertising light boxes, car tail lights, lighting, special clothing, handicrafts, and other mobile phone backlight market.
The input voltage is divided into two common specifications, DC12V and DC24V. At present, the main application areas of DynaLED are advertising light boxes, indoor hotel or business area, private car interiors, personal DIY home decoration, shop window, fashion shows, and sign instructions. Considering the limitations of space in these areas and the environment, soft, waterproof, voltage, length, width of the flexible stripe will be the factors that customer demands. We offer customized services, which in pursuit of high-quality customers are concerned, we are absolutely the best choice, its quality stability and a reliable after-sales service will make you feel worth.
Because of the flexible board’s good mechanical properties makes the LED stripe to bend, fits to unsmooth surface, can be widely used. Use of excellent PCB design and soldering technology can reduce LED not lighting, micro-lighting, flashing and other quality problems, while improving product stability. Because of selecting power efficiency, low energy consumption of the light-emitting diode and connection way of PCB, stripe can be effectively extending length to create colorful world.